OMP First 2" 6 Point Harness

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The OMP First 2" pull up saloon harness is aimed at the endurance racer. This harness has a 2" shoulder shoulder and lap straps. The yellow tabs allow for pre-loosening when you enter the pit-lane, making driver changes quicker. Available in red or black.

The specification for the OMP 0208 harness is:

Model 0208
Application Saloon (Endurance)
Shoulder Strap Width 2”
HANS Device Required Required
Adjuster Material Steel (lap), Aluminium (Shoulder)
Shoulder Strap Anchoring Snap-Hook
Lap Strap Width 2"
Lap Strap Anchoring Snap-Hook
Lap Strap Adjusting Pull-Up
Crotch Strap Width 2”
Crotch Strap Anchor (chassis) Snap-hook
Crotch to Buckle Connection T-Bar
Colour(s) Red or Black