Schroth Clubman 3x2 6 Point Harness

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Based on Schroth's proven design the new Schroth Clubman 3X2 harness is an ideal budget solution for Single Seater race cars (Formula cars). This harness is ideal for single seater racers in Formula Ford, Formula Renault, Jedi or any other category where the user is looking to balance budget and performance.

This device can be used with or without a HANS device. A HANS specific version of this harness is also available.

The 2" lap belts provide greater comfort and safety then the more traditional 3" size. The 2" straps are also easier to adjust. In the case of impact the 2" lap straps offer greater safety and will bruise the wearer less.

Some of the features for this Schroth Clubman 3x2 harness is:

  • Approved for FIA 8853-2016
  • HANS (FHR) device compatible
  • Bolt in fittings
  • 2" crotch and lap straps
  • This harness can be worn with or without a HANS device