Ford Fiesta MK7 Dead Pedal

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The dead pedal is handmade by us here in the UK and is an essential mod once the original one has been removed along with the carpet (track/rally prepped cars).

Constructed out of lightweight aluminium with lightening holes, they weigh in approx 230gs. 

These are very simple to fit and are supplied primed and in kit form. Designed for motorsport and installed at the owners responsibility. 

Righthand drive cars only.

*Installation Guide*

•Remove carpet (drivers side minimum)

•Existing floor bracket as per photo

•Insert supplied M6 bolt as per photo

•Position bracket supplied as per photo, push bracket to rear of slot (towards centre of car)

•Attach washer and nut to the bracket, finger tighten only at this stage allowing the bracket to be aligned to the dead pedal as required 

•Place dead pedal over the bracket and position in place as per the photo

•Adjust bracket to suit the dead pedal

•Scribe through the pilot hole, marking the bracket

•Remove the dead pedal, open up pilot hole to 6mm diameter 

•Remove bracket, drill and tap M5

•Replace bracket as paras 4-7 above

•Tighten bracket securely 

•Redit the dead pedal with M5 screw

•Check installation is secure and no movement in the dead pedal