OMP Platinum Collection Saloon Extinguisher CESAL3

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The CESAL3 extinguisher is part of OMP's platinum collection and is designed for use in any saloon competition vehicle (although a special rally version is available). The CESAL3 is an electrically controlled unit. Made from aluminium for lightweight and reduced dimensions.

The specification of the OMP CESAL3 is:

Length (mm) 204
Diameter (mm) 130
Weight (Kg) 2.5
Capacity (Ltr) 1.3
Homologation EX.035.11
Technical List 16

The complete kit for the CESAL3 includes:

Product Code Description Quantity
CD/300-AT Anti-Torpedo Tabs 2
8mm Hose (1mtr) 1
6mm Hose (1mtr) 1
CD/323/N/8 Aluminium Tubing 8mm (5mtr length) 1
CD/323/N/6 Aluminium Tubing 6mm (3mtr length) 1
E sticker 2
CD/398 Control Box 1
CD/399 6-8mm Reducer 1
X/181493 Rubber Ring 1
EA/467 Push Button 1
CD/393 Nozzle 7
X/363/E/CAV Wiring Loom 1
CD/392/N T Piece (8mm) 3
CD/392/N/6 T Piece (6mm) 1
CD/391/N 90 Degree Connector (8mm) 2
CD/391/N/6 90 Degree Connector (6mm) 1
CD/390/N T Piece (8mm) Connector 2