Toyota Yaris GR Airtec Motorsport Big Boost Pipe Kit for Stage 3 Intercooler

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As part of our expanding Yaris GR product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our big boost pipe kit upgrade suitable for track or fast road use.

A direct replacement kit that offers increases in performance and response, the enlarged boost pipe kit features a freer-flowing design with a increased internal diameter on both the hot side and cold side.

Cold Side
Our comprehensive eight-piece kit begins with a taper from the 40mm turbo outlet that increases by a huge 50% to reach 60mm as it meets the intercooler inlet side. This larger increase improves internal flow and allows fitment to our Stage 3 intercooler with 60mm inlet, making it ideal for cars fitted with hybrid turbos.

Hot Side
From the intercooler’s 60mm outlet side, the pipework tapers back down to meet the throttle body’s 49.5mm size, maintaining a 53mm minimum as it reaches the new cast aluminium throttle body elbow. In doing so, it offers up to a 39% increase in internal diameter during the most restrictive part of the OEM pipework (38mm) just before the throttle body elbow.

This increased overall internal volume and improved design works to reduce restriction and improve flow from the turbo and to the inlet, providing an increase in power and response.

Made from high quality aluminium, the kit includes a revised throttle body elbow, a series of high-quality silicone connectors and all pipework is finished in powder-coated black for a subtle OEM+ look.

The installation package includes all fixtures and fittings, and detailed instructions.

With valuable performance gains and an improved look to the engine bay, the AIRTEC Motorsport enlarged boost pipe kit is an essential modification.


  • 50% increase in cold side pipe to allow fitment of our Stage 3 intercooler
  • Up to 39% increase in bore size
  • Larger and freer-flowing design
  • Comprehensive eight-piece kit
  • Improves flow from the turbo to the inlet
  • Increases mid-range performance
  • Direct replacement fitment
  • Made from high quality aluminium
  • Powder-coated black finish
  • Includes all fixtures and fittings
  • Features detailed fitting guide

Please note: Only for use with AIRTEC Motorsport Stage 3 intercooler upgrade