Ford Fiesta ST180 Airtec Motorsport Tubular Exhaust Manifold

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Tubular manifold for Fiesta ST 180.
Perfect for fast road or race. Best performance when used with stage 3 Fiestas.

The tubular manifold for the Fiesta ST 180 will see best performance gains when used with a stage 3 setup, hybrid or big turbo setups will see the best improvements.

  • Stage 1 cars – A standard manifold on a Stage 1 Fiesta will perform perfectly, an upgraded manifold on a stage 1 car will see faster turbo spool but will not see a huge improvement over standard.
  • Stage 2 cars – Higher power cars will see faster turbo spool and some power increase of around 3-5 bhp. This is very hard to prove on a dyno on a stage 2 car.
  • Stage 3 cars – A tubular manifold is a must have for any stage 3 Fiesta! The standard manifold will be finding it hard to release the air with the manifold pressure not being able to cope with the power.

A tubular manifold has a massive increase in air flow which could see big gains compared to standard.