Ford Fiesta MK7 ST180 - ST Suspensions XTA Coilover by KW

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Manufactured by KW in Germany, the ST XTA coilover is the ultimate handling solution for the Fiesta ST platform. Each coilover benefits from a low-friction, pressure-resistant housing matched with a chrome-plated piston rod for maximum reliability in ALL driving conditions. In addition to this, ST coilovers are built to meet the strict German TÜV standard of lowering allowing the Fiesta ST to be adjusted to its lowest setting without compromising its drivability and safety.


Want to go fast? The ST XTA offers both damping and camber adjustment thanks to the addition of aluminum uniball top mounts allowing a sporty or comfortable setup to be achieved in minutes. What’s more, the precise ride height adjustment allows a total lowering of 5-30mm on the front axle and 10-35mm on the rear axle greatly improving the overall look and stance of the Fiesta ST.
Part number:

Manufacturer part-no.:


Damping Adjustment:
Rebound damping

Lowering FA/RA:
5-30 mm/10-35 mm

Height Adjustment FA/RA:

Galvanized Steel

Parts Approval (§19.3)

Content of delivery:
Set FA coilover struts incl. top mounts, RA springs with height adjustment + dampers

Axle Load FA/RA:
– 850 kg/- 785 kg


Vehicle type:
Ford – Fiesta – JA8/JR8 -1.6 ST 134kW 1596ccm – 4Zyl. Benzin