Ford Focus RS MK2 Airtec Motorsport Enlarged 90mm Induction Pipe Kit

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As part of our expanding Focus Mk2 product range, AIRTEC Motorsport are proud to launch our 90mm enlarged induction pipe suitable for track or fast road use.

A direct replacement part that offers increases in performance and response, as well as sound and aesthetics, the enlarged induction pipe features a huge increase in overall internal volume to reduce restriction and improve flow to the turbo. The kit features a large AIRTEC Motorsport cotton air filter that mounts to an 80mm aluminium trumpet and a silicone coupler attaches it the enlarged induction pipe, which measures 90mm throughout, offering a 29% increase in diameter and capacity. This increases to 100mm diameter to suit aftermarket big turbo inlets.

Made from high quality aluminium for an improved look and feel, the larger pipe also features an AIRTEC plaque and is available in a powder-coated black finish for a subtle OEM+ look.

The comprehensive package includes all silicone connectors, fixtures and fittings, which makes installation a simple task.

With valuable performance gains and an improved look to the engine bay, the AIRTEC Motorsport enlarged induction pipe is an essential modification for modified cars.

***Please note: This kit does not feature a MAF sensor and so will not work with the OEM ECU. Only aftermarket ECU configurations that do not use a MAF sensor, such as Syvecs/ECU Master/SCS Delta will be compatible***


Suitable for Mk2 Focus RS
Stock RS turbo or big turbo options
Huge improvement to turbo air flow
Made from lightweight aluminium
High quality powder-coated black finish
AIRTEC Motorsport plaque
Includes all fixtures and fittings