Ford Focus RS MK2 EBC Apollo-4 BBK 355mm Disc

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EBC Racing's Big Brake Kits represent the ultimate braking upgrade, replacing the vehicle's original front brake calipers with high performance multi‐piston alternatives and replacing the original brake rotor with a fully‐floating oversize 2‐piece rotor.

EBC Racing Balanced Big Brake Kits come with fully‐floating 2‐piece rotors as standard, whereas many competitor kits use 2‐piece bolted rotors or demand a hefty premium to upgrade to floating rotors.

Floating 2‐piece rotors allow the cast iron rotor ring to float independently of the hub, preventing disc cracking and leading to reliable performance even when subjected to the most demanding driving conditions.

Additionally, unlike many other big brake kits on the market, EBC Balanced Big Brake Kits also come complete with rear pads and rear brake lines, representing a full vehicle upgrade that ensures an optimum brake balance is realised and yields shorter stopping distances.

EBC Balanced Big Brake Kits come with everything you need in the box and a detailed vehicle specific installation pack, including race spec brake fluid for the final system bleed. EBC Balanced Big Brake Kits provide a hassle free way of totally transforming your vehicles braking performance and are available in a variety of disc sizes and caliper colour options to suit any aesthetic preference or wheel size.

355mm Front Discs fits under OE 19" Ford wheels without the need for spacers.

13kg weight saving over the OE brakes!