Ford Focus RS MK3 Airtec Motorsport Oil Breather

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AIRTEC Motorsport Oil Breather(s) For Mk3 Focus RS

Developed and manufactured at AIRTEC HQ in the UK, we’re proud to launch our twin oil breather kit suitable for modified or standard Mk3 Focus ST and RS models.

This kit offers a comprehensive solution to improve the standard breather set up on the popular 2.0 & 2.3-litre Focus EcoBoost engines. The package features a machined billet baffle plate to replace the original Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) plate and valve set that features extra baffles to decrease the amount of oil that is able to enter the intake system.

It also features take-offs for one or two external oil breather tanks to further help reduce crankcase pressure and carbon build-up that can plague these engines.

The kit is simple to fit and comes with all fixtures, fittings and correctly sized pre-cut hoses. Once installed, the breather tanks oil content can be monitored with the lid mounted dipstick,

The kit can be bought in separate packages (top or bottom), if only one section is required.


Why do I need to uprate the PCV and breather?

The original Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) plate and valve set up can cause issues with carbon build-up inside the engine’s intake system over time. It forms an oily sludge that covers parts of the intake and inlet valves, which reduces air flow and therefore performance.

Once the build-up has formed, it’s a costly process to clean, so it makes sense to take preventative measures in order to avoid carbon build-up forming. The simplest and easiest way to do this is to replace the PCV system and with a plate that features extra baffles machined into the design increase the surface area the engine crankcase vapour passes over, which decreases the amount of oil that is able to enter the intake.


Key features:

  • Anodised breather tanks
  • Built-in dipsticks
  • High quality AeroTec fittings
  • Billet aluminium PCV plate
  • Internal baffles helps reduce carbon build up
  • Anodised finish and engraved AIRTEC logo
  • Simple installation

Registered Design Right number:

AIRTEC part number: ATMSFO111