M-Sport R2T MK7 Ford Fiesta Exhaust Hangers

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These mounts are a much harder compound than oem/Powerflex etc. As such they do not deform and allow for very little movement, preventing the system from bouncing around as is common. As used by M Sports R2T Rally series. They also come with a fabric banding to further reduce unwanted flex and also act as a secondary measure in case the mount should fail on 1 of the extremely rough Rally stages.

ONLY USE SILICONE PASTE OR SILICONE LUBE WHEN FITTING. Any other type of lubricant will cause the hangers to perish.

Sold individually and you'll normally require 3 (downpipe mount doesn't usually require swapping).

*Exhaust dependant- you may need to spin the R/H exhaust tip clamp 180 degrees (if the bolt is at the top of the tip) to prevent the bolt from vibrating off the exhaust bracket. This is purely on the exhaust design and how the clamp has been fitted. Literally takes a couple of minutes and is due to the fact the compound is harder so they don't sag like the alternatives which results in the exhaust drooping.