OMP White Collection Saloon Extinguisher (cesal 2)

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Extinguishing sytem (engine compartment and cockpit) for saloon cars, electrically activated, with control box, tubing, noozles,aluminium bottle.4,25 lt Ecolife. Complete with stainless steel brackets and fixing clamps. Diameter 160 mm. Length 315 mm.

The specification of the OMP CESAL2 is:

Length (mm) 315
Diameter (mm) 160
Weight (Kg) 6.2
Capacity (Ltr) 4.25
Homologation EX.008.00
Technical List 16

The complete kit for the CESAL2 includes:

Product Code Description Quantity
Anti-Torpedo Tabs 2
8mm Hose (1mtr) 1
6mm Hose (1mtr) 1
CD/323/N/6 Aluminium Tubing 6mm (4mtr length) 2
E sticker 2
CD/398 Control Box 1
X/181493 Rubber Ring 1
EA/467 Push Button 1
CD/393 Nozzle 6
X/363/E/CAV Wiring Loom 1
CD/392 T Piece (6mm) 3
CD/391 90 Degree Connector (6mm) 1
CD/390 T Piece (6mm) Connector 1