Schroth Profi 3x2 6 Point Harness

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The Schroth Profi 3X2 pull-up harness is now a main feature of the Schroth harness range. A high level professional harness designed for use in saloon race/rally vehicles.

This harness is compatible with HANS devices but it is not required that one is worn with this harness. A HANS specific variant is available.

The 2" lap belts provide greater comfort and safety then the more traditional 3" size. The 2" straps are also easier to adjust. In the case of impact the 2" lap straps offer greater safety and will bruise the wearer less.

The pull-up adjusters mean that to tighten the lap straps you pull up towards the drivers head. This makes tightening the belts easier if it is done by someone other then the driver (such as a mechanic, manager etc). A pull-down variant is also available. Available in black or red.

Some of the other features of the Schroth Profi 3X2 pull-up harness are:

  • Approved for FIA 8853-2016
  • HANS (FHR) device compatible
  • Clip in fittings
  • 2" crotch and lap straps
  • 3" shoulder straps
  • Lightweight adjusters