Toyota Yaris GR Airtec Quickshift

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AIRTEC Motorsport Billet Quick Shift for Toyota Yaris GR

As part of our expanding Yaris GR product range, AIRTEC Motorsport are proud to launch their quick shift upgrade suitable for track or fast road use.

The solution to reducing your stock gear shift throw by an incredible 61% and it takes just 15 minutes to install.

By reducing the shifter’s amount of movement between gears, changes can occur more quickly and efficiently, with a more positive feedback through the shifter.

Supplied with full fitting instructions, installation is a quick and easy process that allows the original gear shift weight to remain in place for simplicity.


  • Reduces gear shift throw by 61%
  • Installs in approx. 15 minutes
  • Made from CNC machined aluminium
  • Engraved AIRTEC logo
  • All hardware 100% stainless steel
  • Completely reversible
  • Complete with fitting instructions

Registered Design Right numbers: 6154879/6154880/6154881